Oolaya: More than a half of online videos are viewed on mobile devices.


“For the first time, more than a half of online videos are viewed on mobile devices, and this up to 51% (including 43% of smartphones). This represents a 15% increase over last year and an amazing jump of 203% compared to 2014 ”

This report is delivered by Oolaya, a video plateform within the edition of its famous and complete report about Global Video Index for the 2 quarter of 2016.
Monetization : Programmatic is gaining ground. Oolaya explains that more and more publisher provide more quality content via programmatic ways and, real time open auctions continue to progress. Similary, CPMs value themeselves in a general way « with second price auction which increased to 19-21 $ CPM ».

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Rapport Ooyala : Le portrait et les habitudes du consommateur de vidéos en ligne

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