Adledge raises € 1 million from its historical investors

With the support of its business angels, the company raises € 1 million to accelerate the development of new visibility measurement applications and Brand Safety for digital advertising and to deploy internationally.


These are both the quality and the potential of the Adledge solution and the feedback from its customers, including the world’s top 10 media agencies, that lead Adledge’s historic investors to renew their confidence in Nathalie Le Borgne, the President of this innovative company in internet technologies.


Adledge allows its clients to accurately measure how digital ads were viewed and to check their context in order to preserve advertisers’ brand image. It is recognized by its customers and partners as the solution that offers the most complete and accurate pieces of data.


Its partners regularly re-evaluate Adledge in relation to other market players and prioritize it as the most transparent solution providing the information in full and with the most details.


The complete life cycle of each advertising insertion measured on the screen is restored to the nearest tenth of a second. This precision enables Adledge customers to build custom pre-bid solutions tailored to advertisers’ KPIs. Adledge brings a fine understanding of the visibility obtained for each campaign, depending on the targeted formats and inventories.


Adledge makes it possible to determine customized visibility thresholds at any time, without any historical limitation. Adledge solutions also include the integration of more than 20 macros for data pass back.

Its partners thus build relevance that goes well beyond a pre-established scoring and that allows a permanent improvement of the quality of the digital campaigns.


With a tight, talented and agile team, French Adledge resists the commercial strength of the biggest US companies, one of which has just been bought over $ 800 million and some of which make over $ 100 million worth Business in the world.


Nathalie Le Borgne does not intend to stop there: “The million euros that we raise will enable us to make the competitiveness and performance of our solution better known, accelerate our developments and change dimensions. Adledge will grow very strongly in the next 18 months.”

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