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Case study 1 : Banking sector

A media agency had to react to the biggest scandal that one of its clients had known.

Adledge had to ensure the respect of the media plan for this customer to protect the reputation of its brand. The advertiser and the agency chose the Adledge solution to secure the advertising display and to customize it especially for special needs during this period.

Adledge immediately took into account the new situation and worked with the media agency and the client so that the situation was managed in the most comfortable way possible.

Adledge solutions allowed to block 8 million unsafe impressions thanks to a list of specific keywords related to the scandal and chosen especially for the situation.

Studies showed that a company has 80% chance to lose more than 20% of its value at least 1x over a period of 5 years and that the lack of control or a poor fit with the media plan media sites are elements that contribute to the destruction of brand value.

Adledge is committed to take into account the 20% risk for the advertiser and tackles the challenge of monitoring publisher’s websites for the brands and their reputations to be protected.

Case study 2 : News Publisher

Good practices:

  • Isolate the performance of different types of campaigns by adding your strategies in Adledge interface: Performance vs branding…
  • Study the different segments purchased to adapt advertising creation
  • Test visible formats and analyse all sizes through Adledge granularity
  • Monitor and control the impact of repetition by strategy
  • Understand how the levers complement each other

And then:

  • Analyse the impact through reports and charts in Adledge interface.

A news website wanted a  visibility audit and to be able to find out about the effectiveness of its different parts and about the placement of the ads within those parts.

The audit focused on five topics (business, finance …) and 3 positions (1 Pav, Pav 2, MGB1).

Thanks to its granularity, Adledge was able to bring a very precise answer to the customer .

It provided performance of visibility, not only according to the IAB standards, but also according to some standards requested by the client (ex: 80% minimum surface view instead 50% standard) by topic and by placement.

The client was able to sort its content by category and by placement according to its visibility rates.

He was also made aware about pages whose ads were never seen and was able to act on it.

The site could create an offer tailored to each advertiser with optimized placements and better value for its inventory and has since then:

  • A more attractive commercial offer
  • Better valued ad placement