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We offer AD verification solutions for


Visibility is a key issue today in the digital environment and Adledge helps you to have the best set of data possible to improve your campaigns according to your own standard. 

Adledge visibility allows you to know which part of the area of your ad was viewed, for how many seconds and from what part of the world it was  seen.

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Adledge identifies damaging context for your ads and allows you to verify that your brand is safe and to improve your campaigns. Adledge allows you to know the exact URLs where your ads are displayed, when, and for which campaigns, publisher, network and placement.

The safety of your campaign is on constant monitoring and  your black and white lists are taken into account.

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Our offer, which combines visibility and brand safety, makes it possible to detect fraud within the visibility of the ads, as well as fraud on display conditions (for RTB inventories).

With Adledge, you can answer the following questions :
• How to know if my traffic is real or fraudulent?
• How do I know on which websites my traffic is potentially invalid?
• What is the volume of inadequate impressions?

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Measure all your display and video formats.

Sort your data easily in our interface per type : Video or display.

Measure all your videos served with the VPAID protocole.

Coming up : measure VAST inventary too.

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Measure your advertisements in web mobile environment

Measure your advertisements in web-app mobile environment

Measure all mobile’s display and video formats

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Granular reports

Create your own customizable reports according to your needs. Adledge has a list of more than 60 metrics in Visibility, Brand safety and Fraud which will allow you to highlight your data.

Easy exports

Once your reports are created you can easily see them in your interface or choose to export them on your computer.
You can program your own reports having the focus you want.


In addition to Adledge predefined and custom reports you can also monitor your display thanks to several graphs about brandsafety and visibility performance on your interface.

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